Medical affaires

We help you to highlight and to communicate strategically the nuances of your sophisticated science for the benefit of patients


Ad Hoc Medical Affairs team provides a full range of Medical Affairs services in pre-launch and post launch phases.
"Today, medical affairs must liaise with their R&D colleagues and fully grasp the science that supports their work. They need access to real-world data. They need the strategic thinking abilities and insights of their marketing counterparts, and the customer-facing skills of those in sales. And they must understand and operate under all of the rules and regulations governing industry interactions"
Katie Anders
Head of Medical Affairs Strategic Solutions at Medscape

We can support you with:

Medical strategy and medical planning
  • KOL mapping/Identification for AB
  • Preparation/Content validation
  • Briefing to speakers on scientific background
  • Final Report/Consultancy on the next step
  • Structure and Solutions in Medical Affairs
  • Assessment of MSL needs
  • Development of process mapping
  • Publication Planning and Execution
  • Development of product scientific training modules
  • Development of CME programs
  • Training of MSL
  • Train the trainer programs

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